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It's been a while since I've written a post here, so I thought January 1st would be as good a time as any to write one.

I've been busy working on a little side project for the last few months. foodloggr is a basic web application which allows you to simply and easily track your food consumption.

The inspiration for creating foodloggr came in June 2015. I had decided to go the whole month of June without eating any junk food at all - no fast food, no soft drink, no alcohol, no sugary crap. To track my progress, I thought I would use an app. I'd used various calorie counting apps in the past, but I always gave up using them for various reasons:

  • too US centric
  • polluted with poor user-submitted content
  • takes too long to find a close enough match

"It shouldn't be this hard", I thought! That's when I decided to build it myself. A few months of evening and weekend work later, foodloggr went live. Now, users could simply enter the food they ate that day - no hassles. No calorie counting, no giant databases, just plain and simple food logging. Users can also share their food diary with their friends, which is useful for keeping each other honest!

I've continued with building more features in foodloggr. Just today a new feature was launched - the "Weight Tracker" module. This allows users to enter their current weight and a target weight, and track their progress towards reaching that weight goal.

For the technically minded readers out there, foodloggr is built with the Flask framework for Python and hosted on Amazon EC2 and S3, with a MySQL database.

To find out more about foodloggr, sign up today for free and give it a try!

You can also connect with foodloggr on social media: